Awesome! You just graduated college with a business degree and over $50,000 in Student loan debt and you’re ready for the world to hand you a management position because you have the qualifications, right?
Oh, but not so fast, you need how many years of experience?
Wait my degree doesn’t matter?
What skills do I need?
I don’t know how to do that, I thought I would be prepared.

This kind of sounds like most student who graduate today. To even be considered for a position so high up in a company you must slave away for a few years, attempt to apply to a management position a few times, get denied and then maybe after a few years you might get the chance to be lead. Most times companies don’t want to spend the time to train and support bright individuals to become the very best that they can be and ultimately become great leaders and amazing managers.

Well, something that stands out about Omni 8 is the amazing opportunities that allow a young, ambitious individual to learn all the ropes and skills that are necessary to become the best they can be.

Many companies ask for a candidate to have several years of management experience to even be considered for the position. With Omni 8’s executive program you will receive extensive management training that will give you all the skills that will not only make you a great manager, but also make you a great person all around. You will learn what it’s like to manage teams and be an individual that your team looks up to and want to be like. You don’t have to have any experience in managing, you receive all the support and training here. As a young graduate with no experience, this is an amazing opportunity. You get paid to get trained to be a leader, what’s better than that?

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