Inspiring CEO.

Leaders are people who know how to achieve their own goals and inspire others to achieve theirs. In today’s day in age leaders are an essential part of our everyday lives, therefore every business needs managers and team leads, every school needs teachers and principals, and every country needs a president. It seems like everyone needs someone to look up to, right? someone to show them the way, how to do things and how to get over the obstacles that seem to be too high to climb.

Our leader here at Omni 8 goes by the name of Colm Horgan. Since working for Omni 8, I have never met a more inspirational and driven individual. Since sitting down in his office for the first-round interview, even with his stern look and unmoved first appearance, he still inspired me to want to be more like him. Just hearing the story of his own success and his vision for the future made me want to jump out of my seat. Colm is inspired by seeing others succeed. In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.

Training others to develop habits that will ultimately lead them to success is the only goal in mind. He believes in leaving a legacy of successful entrepreneurs, and amazing, inspiring individuals. The possibilities of being successful and becoming one of those individuals is endless, of course you can’t expect to be an overnight success, something that is extremely valued is work ethic. At Omni 8, it’s not about coming in and leaving when your shift is over, or doing the bare minimum to get by. We are creating entrepreneurs, hardworking individuals who are not accepting of the status quo. Who want to be the very best they can be, and like Colm, inspire others to want to break out of the usual everyday routine the 9-5 shift, the less than understanding managers, and the dead-end jobs. Omni 8 is creating the next generation of leaders and successful entrepreneurs.