Our History.

The road to success is rarely a straight line

Omni 8 started in Ireland in 2010 and has since expanded to the UK and for the last 5 years has made a home in the USA. Originally situated in the heart of New York City’s Manhattan we have expanded our reach all the way across to the bay area of California. The weather definitely weighed heavily in the decision but our ever expanding international and nationwide client list also had a big push in us growing to match their size. Now with nationwide coverage in mind and a range of fortune 50 clients from the telecoms, non-profit, healthcare, merchant services, food and beverage industries in our portfolio we are excited to begin the next expansion phase up and down the west coast.
Each expansion team/new location we open provides specifically targeted services for our clients in the city and region in which we inhabit. We specialize in the Direct aspect of marketing. The person to person, handshake, smile and personalized, tailored approach to bridging the gap between our clients product and services and their target market.
Let’s face it: cubicle jobs are where dreams go to die.
Joining the workforce shouldn’t mean giving up on your ability to control your destiny. When you pictured yourself on the grind, you didn’t imagine being shoved into a tiny desk in a corner. 
You dared to dream bigger—earning a stranger’s trust from the moment you lock in a handshake, winning hearts with your charisma, closing deals with your ambition, and conquering a fast-paced city with your drive.
So what’re you waiting for?
We have clients in all industries, we take over all aspects of their marketing needs using all methods of marketing from all resources available, with people from all backgrounds on our team. This collection of individuals, looking to enjoy Mondays as much as they do Fridays and with no discernment to Wednesday pride ourselves on our results and ambition. We don’t work to live we live to enjoy and we enjoy our work. Work should be much more than paying the bills, it should invite challenge, bring joy and create the fondest memories that make up your life.
We work with some of the biggest brands in the world and have goals to match but we like to enjoy our day to day as we do it.

International Clients We Have Worked With…

US Clients We Currently Work With…

Covid-19 UpdateYour safety is our top priority!

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have implemented changes in our office in order to prioritize your safety. When visiting our office, please expect the following:

  1. A temperature scan before walking-in
  2. Hand sanitizer upon arrival
  3. Social distancing when possible