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We take over your whole marketing campaign and all responsibility for results.
With our roots originally beginning in the digital media field – we noticed technology going full circle and shooting itself in the foot. TV and radio could reach the masses but now no longer do consumers have to sit through adverts – DVR, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Youtube Red™. Ignorance is bliss. But what about your new life-changing product? How were you supposed to get that in front of the masses? Customers could control what they saw or didn’t and they didn’t want to be sold to. They were happy to pay to not see adverts. They filtered your emails to spam. TV and radio competed for attention by trying to be funny but people turned to social media and communicated with thumbs up’s and little hearts.
Thankfully people never gave up on people. They still lined up for free ice cream at the store, they still showed in droves to events, trade shows, sports games and were more social and active than ever about searching for that great deal or promotion.
They wanted to find it – not have it shoved in their face. So we gave them what they wanted. Your product at the right place and time, and with your reduced overheads for outsourcing Omni 8 we could do some competitive prices to lock them in too.
They come to us, we just happen to be wearing your logo.
Return on investment

We will make you more profit and cost you less than any other firm. 

Return on time

We will look after sourcing, recruiting, training and results — you do you, we got this.

Experts in our field

Ask our current clients, we have exceeded every target ever set for us.

Personalized touch

We will talk to you customers and answer their questions something technology can’t do.

Measurable results

Exact count of presentations delivered and customers acquired from each event.

Tailored approach

No brand or service is the same — we will adapt to your needs.

Brand Awareness

Our events get attention and will put your brand infront of the masses.

Customer Lifetime Value

We create memories with your brand that customers won’t want to leave.


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Covid-19 UpdateYour safety is our top priority!

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have implemented changes in our office in order to prioritize your safety. When visiting our office, please expect the following:

  1. A temperature scan before walking-in
  2. Hand sanitizer upon arrival
  3. Social distancing when possible