“Not all the hard work is being rewarded… but all those who’ve been rewarded…. they all work hard…”

Everyone has a goal that they want to reach, and reaching goals takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Most of the time goals are not meant to be reached but serve as something to aim at, although when the dart hits the target you might find yourself in a state of extreme happiness and who knows maybe be a bit richer and a bit wiser.

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Working hard is most rewarded here at Omni 8. Wanting to achieve greatness takes a lot of time and dedication, because of course you can’t build an empire overnight. Working hard pays off, and a perfect example of that was our trip to New York this past July 2017.  It was 6 days where everyone had the opportunity to come together, network and celebrate all the successes and advancements that were achieved.

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Inspiring, and hardworking individuals took the stage and talked about how they were able to be so successful, and what they changed and sacrificed to reach their goals. Of course, we didn’t go to New York to talk about work for 6 days. After recognizing the hard work of these outstanding individuals, everyone celebrated taking a dip in the pool, sightseeing, shopping and enjoying each other’s company. You could say everyone was proud of all the hard work that they put in. Receiving an all payed trip to New York is a great way of saying thanks for your dedication. Hard work should always be rewarded because it shows appreciation, and everyone likes to be appreciated, if it’s not a trip to New York, it’s Cabo, a yacht trip, it’s a Christmas party, or team night.

But here at Omni 8 if you work hard you also get a chance to play hard.

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